Peep this! Here at Peep you can share different thoughts, views, opinions, and ideas with people nearby or far away. Our goal is to help our users connect and express themselves comfortably, while maintaining total and complete privacy. With our new anonymous feature you can express yourself with complete confidence. With us, it's less about business and more about the Peeps. Remember, Peep is a better way to Q &  A!

Our Features

Peep anonymously or peep with your friends. Like to travel? Need an honest opinion? Feel the need to express yourself? Use peep to get various different thoughts, views, opinions, and ideas. Do everything from meeting new friends to discovering new trending activities in your area. Furthermore, you now have a cool, fun new way to interact with your friends and family! If you have ever had a thought, idea, question, or a suggestion, now you can share your thoughts openly using this platform. On our platform we allow you to connect and share with friends and family across the nation!


Here you can connect with people in your city or nearby population and express yourself comfortably without giving up your identity, additionally you can find people who think like you. Now we’ll be giving you the ability to poll the general population in multiple areas while getting real time results and multiple different opinions . The most important feature here is the ability to share information and find more people who think like you!


Our goal is to create a safe, new, and fun environment for individuals to comfortably communicate, interact, and express themselves. Remember: The greatest distance between two people is misunderstanding. Allow us to close this gap and find people in or around you, who think like you. With us, you are never alone and you are never the only one. With Peep you can now discover individuals have been in your situation and can share their story. If you can't believe it remember to peep it. Peep is where opinions matter!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Will anyone know I made the anonymous Peep?

Never! You can communicate comfortably with your heart at ease knowing that your identity is safe. We encourage people to peep safe and comfortably.

I’ve seen other apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

There is always something similar but there is no one that compares to Peep! In this particular service we strive to allow our users to get out and in the open. We offer a cool, new, and fun platform for our users to express themselves comfortably.

How often are there updates to the App — and how will I learn about them?

Updates will be made as necessary, and users can learn about them in the App Store. If there is anything you recommend, please get in touch with us and leave us a message below.

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